I've been very busy playing shows, working with some really talented musicians and even some new music releases on iTunes. Check it out.

2016-09-18 02:00 PM

Raising money for worthy causes

Braiden Sunshine joined the Dan River Girls on stage for the 2016 Birthday Blast for the Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina. The season nine contestant on popular television show “The Voice” shares the same happy last name as the CLC executive director, and he volunteered his time and talent to help out his aunt, Iris Sunshine, in her effort to raise awareness of the effects of domestic violence on children.
2016-08-18 06:55 PM

Braiden Sunshine will share stories and more at The Kate Aug. 24

Braiden Sunshine is a musical phenomenon — think Harry Potter with a guitar. He may not be a household name at the moment, but watch out. As a singer/songwriter, he is showing great signs of performance perfection…and he is only sixteen. As a baby, he would hum along when his dad sang him lullabies, mostly Billy Joel. By age 5, he was singing in his Lyme, Connecticut church choir.
2016-02-03 01:40 PM


My new single 'Reality' was launched on video and just about every online and music streaming platform today!